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Yunnan Viajes in collaboration with the tour operator Yunnan Panda International offers you an unforgettable journey through the province of Yunnan. Away from the tourist hotspots there is another more remote China in the South East of the country, an untouched and fascinating China that will take you by surprise. Yunnan, or the Land to the South of the Clouds – as it is known – will sweep the traveller away to an ancient and authentic world, a region located almost on the edge of time.

All this is in the hands of the Yunnan Viajes team on the one hand, Edith, a Catalan from Barcelona who lives in the region and Ding Bo born in Kunming, Yunnan’s capital and Yunnan Panda International on the other, a local tour operator with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry.


Edithhas lived in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan since 2003. She has been working closely with Yunnan Panda International since 2009 bringing a “Western mentality” to the organisation of excursions. She personally designs itineraries, supervises all aspects of the excursions and when possible she accompanies the groups on tours. Her favourite part of this work is introducing travellers to this treasure, the Yunnan, a place that has stolen a piece of her soul. Edith speaks perfect Chinese, as well as English and French.

Ding Bo, born in Yunnan, his mother is Han, his father is Hui, this interesting mix made from him a very nice and open minded person. With more than 8 years of experience in the Spanish Tourist Market, he is in charge of Operations. He loves his province and its culture and enjoys sharing it with all our Spanish clients and friends.


Both agree that Yunnan is the best area for a westerner to get closer China, since experiencing the country through the big cities can be deceiving as people do not find the true essence of China there. The only danger that hides in the face of such a sublime landscape is the temptation to stay and not make the return journey home, which is exactly what happened to them.

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