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Our excursions are always private; they are available throughout the year for 2 or more people.




The reservations procedure shall be handled by the issuing office who you can contact by emailing

You will then be sent a confirmation document which will contain the details of the programme, inclusive and exclusive services, fees, the hotels you will stay in along with their addresses and telephone numbers, details of internal flights, if applicable, and details of other modes of transport, as well as the corresponding invoice. Once this confirmation document has been sent your reservation will be considered as finalised and will be subject to cancellation and alteration fees.




a.    Cancellation due to client withdrawal:

We understand that some of you may need to cancel your flight for one reason or another. However if you wish to cancel your reservation with us, we will need to be sent written notification of this intention. The cancellation fee is variable and is calculated in relation to the moment we receive your notification and the remaining time prior to your departure:

Up to 30 days before your departure: 10% of the excursion fee.

Between 29 days and 11 days before your departure: 20% of the excursion fee.

Between 10 days and 4 days before your departure: 100% of the cost excursion fee.

In the event that a traveller does not attend, they will be charged 100% of the total excursion fee. In the event that a traveller decides to terminate mid-way through a tour, the unused services cannot be reimbursed. In the event that a traveller misses a part of the programme due to an early departure or a late arrival, the unused services cannot be reimbursed either.


b.    Cancellation due to accident or illness

In the event that a traveller or a family member suffers an accident or illness, the same cancellation fees as in the case of voluntary withdrawal will apply, although the traveller may be entitled to claim expenses through their travel insurance, if such cancellation is covered by the insurance policy.




a.    If you change your itinerary

Any alterations to the itinerary or requests involving changes to itinerary, hotel, transport or guide from the purchasing party will incur a minimum fee, which will be calculated based on the damages experienced by the service provider as a result of these changes. This fee will be determined on a case by case basis.


b.    If we change your itinerary:

The Receiving Agency reserves the right to alter the itinerary or the services due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters (floods, fires, etc.), orders from the Authorities regarding permits to visit certain areas, flight cancellations, and ground transportation cancellations etc. that will seriously hinder or prevent the course of the programme.




A deposit of 30% of the total fee is required at the time of reservation. The outstanding amount should be paid at least 20 days prior to departure. If the tour is reserved only 30 days before departure, full payment will be required at the time of reservation.


Payment method:

Payment for the excursion is processed by means of a bank transfer since this is the most secure method. The bank transfer should be made to the Yunnan Panda International Tour Co. Ltd. account, whose details will be provided in the confirmation of reservation document.


We request that you include your tour reference number when making payment as this will facilitate the payment process. Please send us your proof of payment by fax or scan via email once payment has been made. Once transferred, payments will normally require between 3 to 5 days to reach our account. All reservations for your tour will be secured on receipt of payment.




All clients should be in possession of a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, as well as the necessary visas and permits prior to departure. All personal documentation is the sole responsibility of the client. Yunnan Panda International Tour will not be responsible for obtaining the appropriate documentation.




There are several risks when travelling. It is necessary for travellers to familiarise themselves with the applicable health requirements of the areas they intend to visit. It is your responsibility to check the terms of insurance, vaccination and other government requirements of your destination and transit countries. In some areas of the Yunnan province it can reach altitudes of 2000, 2500 or 3000 metres, and despite the fact that our routes are designed to ensure travellers are able to adjust and acclimatise gradually, some do suffer altitude sickness. Please ensure that your blood pressure is normal and that you do not suffer from any heart conditions.




The Receiving Agency will subcontract transport services to local companies (airlines, motorway transport, etc.) or independent contractors who carry travel insurance in case of accident in accordance with the country’s legislation. Please be advised that excursions that include activities such as bicycle rides, hiking, boat trips, trekking, etc. are completed at the participant’s own risk. Loss of luggage, theft or accident should be reported by the traveller themselves directly to the competent local authority. The Receiving Agency does not accept responsibility in any of these events. It is recommended that prior to travelling travellers invest in a reputable international travel insurance policy that covers all these eventualities as well as accidents that may occur whilst doing activities.




If you have any complaint regarding the service provided by Yunnan Panda International Tour, please inform the local guide immediately and also contact your travel agent. We will then contact the local provider to prevent similar problems arising during the remainder of your excursion and in the future. If you are still not satisfied and wish to claim compensation please send a letter of complaint via email, fax or post within 15 days of the end of your excursion, so that your complaint may be reviewed in detail. Receipts and other such proof should be attached to the letter of complaint. Yunnan Panda International Tour will not be responsible for processing any complaint received more than 15 days after the end of your excursion.




Any person who consults our website may use the information found herein for their own personal use. The use or copying of any material from the website for commercial or illegal activities is prohibited. Yunnan Panda International Tour reserves the right to produce photographic material or videos of its tours, and use them for commercial or promotional purposes.

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