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Garganta del Salto del Tigre 虎跳峡

Around 60 km from Lijiang, the waters of the Yangtze river have created one of the deepest gorges in the world. It extends over 15km, and in some places is 3,900m deep. One of the most spectacular excursions in Yunnan is is the trek along this gorge. Along the way there are a number of villages belonging to the Naxi minority where visitors can find accommodation and food. The name of the gorge, Hutiao Xia in Chinese, originates from an ancient legend that speaks of a tiger who escaped from a hunter that was passing through the area by jumping from one side of the narrowest part of the ravine to the other. The route takes the visitor along the base of the Haba Shan mountain, offering spectacular views of this together with the Jade Dragon mountain opposite.




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