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Dali 大理

Dali is situated 400 km west of the city of Kunming. The community is located in an outstanding natural setting, between the majestic mountains of Cangshan with an average height of 4000m, and lake Erhai. Dali is mainly populated by the Bai minority who established themselves here beside the lake 3,000 years ago. This small and attractive city is found within walls which date back to the Ming Dynasty, and the city mostly preserves the traditional Bai architecture. It is a city that is rich in history, since for many centuries it was the most important city in the Yunnan province and capital of the Nanzhao kingdom which, over the course of 247 years, was ruled by a succession of 13 kings. The city, that was also a Muslim kingdom in the 19th century, is today one of most inspiring tourist destinations in South West China.


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